Monday, 26 August 2013

Jazzpdx social network for musicians

Jazzpdx is a really great social network for musicians. Where musicians and music fans can get together and talk about everything about music in particular jazz music! Iv joined the network myself.... and the community is continually growing with the aim of bringing together musicians from across the globe all to one social network where they can talk about everything music! You can even find some really cool music advice like wearing arthritis gloves to improve your instrument playing and preventing arthritis whilst your at it. Jazzpdx is really cool and a brilliant social network that respects privacy too! You would be silly not to join if you call yourself a real music fan or music artist! The social network talk about jazz, rock, dance, classical music and chart music ....... wait no sorry the social network actually talks about all kinds of different music but i just dont have time to list them all. Im trying to promote this social network from my own free will as the more people who join the better the social network will be...... with more bright ideas. music concepts and inspiration to share from more different points of view's.

Jazzpdx is like any other social network letting you talk to your friends and meet new friends too..... but because it is a music social network means that you can find out about the latest on musci like gigs and festivals. where to buy tickets.... or if your a musican promote your own music to a wide audience of music fans on jazzpdx.

DONT BE A FOOL JOIN THIS social network for musicians TODAY!
Innovative- that what i call height increasing insoles. Very innovative I say this because they helped me so much to get taller! These super insoles i have been wearing for quite some time and i dont know how i got by without them really... I was 3 inches smaller when I didn't have them and now i am 3 inches taller easily! The height increasing insoles help give me more height but not only just that they actually help with my confidence too!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Going running this is what you need!

If your going out running there are a few things that you should know before you go

where you are running to asit aint good if you get lost because not only will it disrupt your running exercise it can be dangerous. Take a mobile phone so if you get lost you can call someone.... make sure it has battery... tell people where you are going and when you will be back so they can go out looking for you if you dont come back.

the second thing is plenty of water to keep hydrated.. dehydration can lead to muscles cramp and straining a muscle.... use a light weight easy to carry bottle maybe attach it on a holder whilst you run.... if you are rich you can always get one of your servants to run along side you carrying it.

Running/arch support insoles very important to help you avoid injury in the feet and knees when you run.

There just three things you need to know ans should take when running.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Welcome to my great new blog about things

With health tips, news about news and other such important and mind boggling things to read here on my blog you will never get bored.. well for the time being anyway. There really aint much on my blog at the mo but soon ill add lots i promise!