Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Higher elevator shoes website stealing my content and should be trusted! This article could very well be been ripped and used aswell!

Some parasites are stealing ever ones article content and infringing copyright laws knowingly but wont ever be caught because they are from china and are above the law. Okay i own a internet buisness that specializes in height increasing insoles but recently i have found that a compeitor that sells higher shoes and height increasing insoles were stealing and reposting my articles on their blog. After investigating further I discovered to my shock that these elevator shoe sellers where ripping just about every article they could which talks about height increasing insoles, elevator shoes and growing taller.... from any and every possible website automatically. LOL but the freaks would use automation to do this meaning that the article would be posted un edited... still with refrences (no hyper links mind) to the ogrinal publisher and phrases like welcome to.. insert ripped website name here.... But despite all this google is ranking this website above everyone elses!.... Anyway it is quite obvious that these chinese sellers cannot be trusted if they use other people articles as they cannot right their own because they are too dumb and that they are immoral if they think its okay to steal others hard work like this. I tried contacti the elevator shoe seller to please remove my copyrighted content or face legal action but was met by a rude response and i was bascally told to go away! Anyway This is both a warning and complaint really.. I would like to warn people about these immoral people as chances are if you buy from them you probabaly wont be getting the expensive elevator shoes anyway and be scammed.

If you find this article anywhere else but keepingupwithstella blog than the swines must have stolen this article too because i mentioned elevator shoes and keyword they are targeting So the best thing you can do is go to nuovahealth instead and buy some height increasing insoles from there from me who has morals.. And besides elevator shoes are just expensive obvious things whereas height increasing insoles will help you comfortably grow taller and are much much more affordable to buy.

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