Sunday, 8 December 2013

Another google pr update

 A few months ago google said their wasn't going to be another google update in 2013 but guess what there has been...

It looks as thought there has actually been another pr update from google even though matt cutts said that he would be surprised if there was gonna be one. So that is the last time i am going to be listening to what that moron has got to say now. He also has said or rather tweeted a sarcastic comment at how google has destroyed a link network.. or rather a guest posting network were people write guest posts on peopels blogs for link backs to their own site.... promoting their business I must add..... His sickening mock went on the lines of that they have crushed algo rank and some stupid joke I cannot remember what exactly... but it really evil gloating about the fact that you have destroyed someones business and livelihood....... I hope that freak goes to hell.

Anyway what pr did you site get? this blog got pr 2 and I dont build backlinks to keepingupwithstella mainly because i can not be bothered. LOL

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