Thursday, 12 December 2013

Nfl has waay too many ads!

I hate the fact that there are just so many adverts on the nfl football games now it is getting to the level or supreme idiocy... if some one is gonna buy something they would go out and buy it so stop promoting pointless stuff that we do not need or want and ruining the great sport of football.. I just want to watch the game and not be brainwashed into buying useless and pointless products all the time.. Now it seems that the amount of adverts now is more than actual game play which is really stupid as much as i love football if think if the advert continue to dominate and take over as they are doing I will stop watching the NFL all together, I know that the football games need to find money from somewhere but there has to be a reasonable balance but at the moment that balance is not reasonable at all and is just ruining it for all sports fans I think! I actually much rather play football than watch it and as soon as my plantar fasciitis heals up the next football game if there are a ton of ads I think I will cease watching it and just go and play football with my friends instead as they feel the same... Get rid of the ads NFL you getting rid of your fans otherwise then who is going to watch your ads if nobody is watching the game hey?

You just gotta see the nfl website to see that they want ads everywhere and right in your face!

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